Data related to published papers

Here are raw data related to our papers. You can use them freely, but please cite our paper appropriately if you write papers using our data.

Gas-Liquid Phase Boundary of Lennard-Jones System

This data provides temperature Gas-Liquid Phase Boundary of Lennard-Jones System. Cutoff is 3.0 sigma. Please refer our paper for details.

ljphasediagram.tar.gz (3KB)

Each file contains 7 columns, temperature, density of gas, its err, density of liquid , its err, lambda (thickness of gas-liquid phase interface), its err, respectively.

File name corresponds to the system size, e.g, gl_L128.dat is the data of the system with (128, 128, 256), etc.

If you have gnuplot, then you can plot gas-liquid binodal line as follows,

p "gl_L128.dat" u 2:1:3 w e,"gl_L128.dat" u 4:1:5 w e
It will give you the following graph.

If you write papers using this data, please cite the following paper,

Phase diagram and universality of the Lennard-Jones gas-liquid system
Hiroshi Watanabe, Nobuyasu Ito, and Chin-Kun Hu
J. Chem. Phys. 136 204102 (2012) [7 pages]

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